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About Janan

JHLT was established in 2007 with following main activities in UAE. Transportation, Excavation, Demolition, shifting, the main object is to provide the best services, follow up and give them the opportunity at home. One unique aspect of JHLT is the ability to provide almost all kind of machinery on a project. This includes cranes, excavator, shovel, Bobcat, boom Loader, JCB, Flatbed Trailer grader etc. As a premiere transporter JHLT offers clients a comprehensive line of services, JHLT team has unrivaled experience in the UAE. This is further enhanced by the use of specialist transporters that we have teaming agreements with the facilities genuine expertise in all of the project to convince both clients and contractors. We are dedicatedly performing each and every task with utmost care professionalism and integrity, ever mindful of the trust and safety of personnel and
protection of their facilities through our services, OUR GOAL provide for the wellbeing of our customers with efficiency and benefits of “ one-stop shopping” for a complete range of care services customized to compliment and supplement their own capabilities bring about confidence in our clients through the assurance of services and removal of doubt ; we aim to provide the correct skill, in the right time, with the required equipment .
Our robust knowledge, experience in the field and wide range of ultramodern machinery allow us to provide our clients with a best solution to their problem and thus providing full value to their money. We ensure high quality and efficiency of our products by applying high level of maintenance and deployment of highly skilled operators. Our all the equipment have the good conditions and full safety with insurance we assure you to provide the best quality of machines and services to our clients.

The Company Promise

We aim to be your first choice while selecting a transportation partner for the rental of heavy machinery and equipment. I would like to accentuate that our highly skilled labor and strong relations with our clients are the most important assets of the company

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